Tulipan Dress- Black Cotton
Tulipan Dress- Black Cotton

Tulipan Dress- Black Cotton

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This is a stunning dress that showcases the beauty of Mexican hand embroidery.  You will love this lightweight tunic dress made of organic cotton, this natural material gives the blouse a delicate and relaxed feel.  This traditional dress has been given a fresh look and feel with lap over sleeves and a loose yet flattering fit.  

Handcrafted by artisans in Mexico and ethically produced in the home of our artisan partner, The Hernandez family which is a mother and daughter duo of artisans in Hidalgo. Due to the intricate hand embroidery, the production time for this colorful dress lasted several days in order to deliver this stunning piece.

Materials: Organic Black Cotton and Multicolor hand embroidery.

Care Instructions: Due to the delicate hand embroidery, please hand wash in cold water and line dry.

Unique Features: Each item is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans that use creative and traditional techniques, this process creates unique variations in color and embroidery design which make each handmade good uniquely yours. 

Recognizing our Artisan Partners: We are grateful and honored to work with our talented artisan partners in Mexico. At Origin Mexico, our goal is to give tribute to the artisan that handcrafted your ethically made product.  Each of our items is accompanied by a tag that includes the name of the artisan that produced your handmade good along with the production time which can last anywhere from 24-30 hours. This helps our customers build a connection with the artisans, the production process and the unique and vibrant culture of Mexico. 



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