On today's blog we will go behind the scenes of our interview with Britt Moreno and KXAN News in Austin, Texas, where they highlighted Hispanic Heritage Month. The opportunity we were given to share our mission, goals, and most importantly our love for the artisans with whom we work with was incredible! We are so grateful to Britt Moreno and KXAN News for visiting us and allowing us to share our story and the story of our artisan partners in Mexico.
Make sure to keep reading to learn all about our story and a glimpse of our interview with Britt.

Our Story

Our Story - Origin Mexico
For all our new customers - get to know our story! 
Origin Mexico is an ethics-oriented brand born in 2020 to promote and preserve Mexican artistry displayed through high quality handmade goods. The goods we offer are carefully sourced to ensure they are produced in alignment with our core values. ⁠Our brand is founded on strong personal and long-lasting relationships with artisans in Mexico, fair and ethical business practices and creating a transparent supply chain. Through fair trade and ethical business practices, we hope to create an economic opportunity for many Mexican artisans and their families all while allowing them to preserve the traditions of hand embroidery that have been passed down through many generations. Our direct partnerships with artisans eliminate the middleman and allow more resources to be made available to communities in need that may not benefit from many economic and educational resources. ⁠

Collectively, we will help preserve Mexico’s cultural heritage through the beauty of handmade goods. 🇲🇽⁠

The Interview

the interview
This interview was such an awesome experience!

It was great to talk about our love and joy for what we do.

To read and watch the full interview click here!
My feelings right now: Grateful, proud, humbled and inspired by those that have supported my passion and believed in me - even during times that I didn't quite fully believe I could craft a life with such a personal and important purpose and meaning. What I've learned in these past two years since leaving my corporate job is that we are all capable of changing our life's narrative and creating a life that is aligned with our personal goals and values. Success has many definitions, and we have full ownership of defining what that means for ourselves and our families. Thank you everyone for supporting my dream and being part of my journey. Gracias ❤️

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