Our Story


"Our mission is to enrich lives by sharing a piece of Mexico’s vibrant expression of color and culture through timeless, versatile and ethically made Mexican goods."

Origin Mexico is an ethics-oriented brand born in 2020 to promote and preserve Mexican artistry displayed through high quality handmade goods. The goods we offer are carefully sourced to ensure they are produced in alignment with our core values. 

Our brand is founded on strong personal and long-lasting relationships with artisans in Mexico, fair and ethical business practices and creating a transparent supply chain. Through fair trade and ethical business practices, we hope to create an economic opportunity for many Mexican artisans and their families all while allowing them to preserve the traditions of hand embroidery that have been passed down through many generations.  Our direct partnerships with artisans eliminate the middleman and allow more resources to be made available to communities in need that may not benefit from many economic and educational resources. 

Collectively, we will help preserve Mexico’s cultural heritage through the beauty of handmade goods.


Mi Historia

In 1970’s Mexico, my grandfather and grandmother embarked on a journey to betterment and moved their family from Durango to Tijuana, Mexico. This new place of possibilities created a unique experience of growing up on the border between Mexico and America and oscillating between both countries. This blending of cultures, language, foods and people helped shape my deep admiration for my Mexican background and culture while embracing my home and opportunities in America.   

As a first generation Mexican American, I aspire to grow my connection with Mexico and help create a space where artisans can showcase their ethically made goods to the global market. Origin Mexico represents an opportunity to give back to Mexico’s artisans and symbolizes the gratitude for the many opportunities presented to my own family which have led me to my current path. 

Origin Mexico gives tribute to my Mexican family, culture, history, and most importantly, people


Sending much love, 

 Yazmin & Artisans 

Photography by Lauren Clark Photo.