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High quality .

Just perfect. Great quality and a good fit.

I will be ordering more !

Hola Rob,

Thank you so much for leaving us this incredible review! We're so happy to hear you will be a returning customer, we appreciate it. Enjoy your new Guayabera!

Colorful sweet detailed

Great true ti size, nice feel to fabric, delicate embroidery, will be enjoyed frequently.

Hola Susan,

Muchas gracias for your sweet words! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your rating with us. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Enjoy it very much!

Beautiful dress made with Love

I bought this for my granddaughter. I know that at some point she will have a special time to wear it. It is beautiful and well made. Thank you!

Hola SA,

How wonderful! Your granddaughter will love it and she will look super cute with it. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5 star rating - it's much appreciated!

Luxuriously Made

Stunning craftsmanship and detailed embroidery. The colors are casual enough to wear with jeans or dressed up with black pants. Like a subtle burnt orange. Love it!

Hola Candice,

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! These guayaberas are an excellent choice for your vacation trips, weddings, and casual/formal outings. We appreciate your support Candice! Gracias!

Love This Dress! (Mommy and Me)

I bought my daughter and I this matching dress set and we love wearing them together. We got so many compliments on them when we went to an event at the Art Museum, the host photographer shot some pictures of us in them. So comfortable and breezy and easy to wear!

Hola Monica,

Wow! What a beautiful picture! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The matching dresses look wonderful on both of y'all, we're so glad you loved them. We appreciate your kind words and amazing support.

Classic Favorite

I have enjoyed the look of Talavera pottery since I was first introduced to it many years ago. I'm so pleased to have found these traditionally made blue & white earrings. It is such a good classic look for everyday. They are lightweight so easy on the ears also. I receive so many compliments when I wear them. You will love these!

Hola Ann,

This is so great to hear! These beautiful white and blue Talavera earrings are inspired precisely on the gorgeous Talavera pottery from Puebla, Mexico. Thank you so much for your incredible feedback and kind words. We hope you shop with us again!

Summer staple

I’ve been looking for this for a long time! I’ll probably order again in white. Love your site.

Hola Paula!

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We're glad to have you as our customer and to see that you’re enjoying your Camelia Dress. This dress is so unique and beautiful, perfect for any occasion. Gracias for your purchase, we hope you shop with us again!

Elegant peasant dress

I am blown away by it's delicacy, craftmanship and fit. It is simply elegant.

Hola Susan,

Thank you so much for your kind words! Each item is handmade and one-of-a-kind. The Violeta dress is beautiful and perfect for all your social events. We appreciate your purchase!


Excellent craftsmanship! I have received compliments everywhere I go! So happy I found you on the internet by typing:
“ Mexican tunic blouses”💜 I bought this as a Christmas present to myself, you will love it as well!

Hola Summer,

We're so happy you came across our website and found exactly what you needed! We're so proud to work with many talented artisans across Mexico that bring to life these beautiful designs. Enjoy your new Azalea blouse! Thank you for your support.

Perfect summer dress

The hand stitched embroidery is absolutely beautiful! This sweet little dress is just perfect for a day trip with your best girlfriends or a barbecue!

Hola Trinity,

We're so happy you loved your purchase! The hand embroidery on this design was made by the talented artisans of Hidalgo, Mexico. Enjoy wearing it in all your get togethers during the summer, you will look wonderful. Gracias for your support!


I have worn the same Huipiles for over 15 years and finally ordered a new one and am in love. I actually ordered 2 based on reviews and will definitely be ordering another for my daughter and a dress.

Hola Lisa,

How awesome! Thank you so much for putting your trust in us to order new Huipiles. It means the world to us. They are beautifully handcrafted by talented artisans with whom we are honored to work. Gracias for your support!

Beautifully embroidered blouse!!!

Another beautifully made blouse from Origin Mexico ! The embroidery on my new Tulipan Fuchsia blouse is so colorful and beautiful - so many hours of handwork and soooooo lovely! As a repeat customer, I highly recommend the clothing, accessories, and everything from Origin Mexico : ) 5 stars all around !!! Thank you!

Hola Jennifer,

WOW! Thank you so much for your appreciation to all the hard working artisans who work so hard to make these lovely pieces. This Tulipán fuchsia blouse is breathtaking especially with all the vibrant colors on it. Gracias Jennifer for your continuous support!

Liebre Amarillo - Mexican Leather Hobo
Jennifer Z
Beautiful & Functional Hobo leather bag!

Loving my new Amarillo Leather Hobo bag! The color is gorgeous and the size is perfect! The detail on the leather is so beautiful and the craftsmanship excellent. I highly recommend the beautiful leather products from Origin Mexico ….5 stars for this unique, fun leather hobo : ) Thank you !!!

Hola Jennifer,

Muchas gracias! You rock! We appreciate your kind words that you always share with us. This amarillo tote is gorgeous, we don't even think the pictures do it justice! We have no doubt you look amazing with it. Thank you for your support!


Really beautiful & lovely, thank you!!

Hola Katelynn,

The Yesenia blouse looks lovely on you! Thank you so much for sharing this picture with us. We are so grateful for your support!

Beautiful, but not for me

The blouse embroidery work is exceptional 👌 However, the yellowed blouse cloth is unflattering therefore will be returning it😑 I'm sad😔

Hola Sally,

Thank you for your feedback! The blouse is embroidered on Mexican Manta which is untreated and organic cotton. This is the typical material used in Mexico for traditional clothing. We are sorry to hear you didn't like this cloth. It is very helpful to have your feedback, as it will help us in the future to describe our products more accurately!

Beautiful Embroidered Dress

Wow!!!! This dress is gorgeous! The embroidery detail is amazing and the colors are so fun and bright! So happy to have found Origen Mexico - I have purchased many items and all are 5 star, wonderful products! Will definitely be purchasing more….highly recommended! 5 stars - thank you : ) Lovely handwork!

Hola Jennifer,

Muchas gracias! We appreciate your kind words and incredible support. We're so happy to know you love our products and continuously shop with us! This makes us feel super special. Enjoy your Rosa dress its the perfect fit for casual or formal events. Thank you again!

Liebre Azul - Mexican Leather Crossbody
Jennifer Z
Beautiful Purse

This is a beautiful leather purse with awesome detailing. The blue color is vibrant and I’m so happy with my purchase. 5 stars ! Highly recommended!

Hola Jennifer,

Muchas gracias for your purchase! The blue in this purse is BEAUTIFUL and super vibrant. We're so glad you were satisfied with your new purse, enjoy it!

Cute summer dress. Love the cotton material.

Hola Valerie,

The Camelia dress is one of our favorites! It's beautiful and lightweight. Enjoy your new dress. Muchas gracias for your support and kind words!

Vida Huipil Blouse

I recently purchased the Vida Huipil blouse with small hand-embroidered. blue flowers. It is a lovely blouse that I will enjoy wearing for a long time. Highly recommended.


Thank you so much for your recommendation! It means a lot to us. The Vida Huipil blouse is both beautiful and unique perfect for any occasion. We appreciate your purchase and hope you shop again!

As pretty as and warm as it looks!

Un encanto!!! The colors are so bright, the material is very well woven, it’s just so beautiful. I am so happy with this purchase. It’s even prettier in person.

Hola Pascale,

Que linda! We’re so happy you loved your new scarf, it’s a work of art! The colors and craftsmanship is so beautiful. Thank you so much for your kind review and amazing support.

Beatriz Earrings - White and Blue Talavera

The Beatriz Earrings are very elegant and sophisticated. I am well pleased with this lovely item.

Hola Gail!

Thank you for leaving us this kind review. The Talavera Collection is one of our favorites because of the color and beautiful designs! We’re so happy to know that you loved your purchase and is so pleased with it. We appreciate your support!

Magnolia Dress/ Olive Cotton with Multicolor Floral Embroidery

Beautiful artistry on cloth! Delicate and so bright. Material is excellent. My granddaughters will love them!

Hola Gail!

That’s wonderful to hear! We hope your granddaughters love them very much. They are all handmade by the Hernandez Family which is a mother and daughter duo of artisans in Hidalgo. Thank you for your support!

Flower Headband
Olga Garcia

Me encantó los colores y buena calidad

Hola Olga,

Muchas gracias por su compra, agradecemos mucho su apoyo! Los colores y la manera en la que está hecha es de muy buena calidad, nos da mucho gusto saber que le encanto. Gracias Olga!

Lovely Teal Earrings

These embroidered teal and tan earrings are exquisite. They are larger than I thought they would be, and look very nice with jeans and boots. They are very unique.


Thank you so much for your purchase. These beautiful earrings are super unique and just like you said, exquisite! We hope you enjoy them a lot. Gracias!

Blue Gingham with Coral Embroidery

I love love love this dress!!!! I have received so many compliments wearing this dress!!! The texture and color are perfect.
Laura Darling

Hola Laura,

Thank you so much for your kind review! We're sure your new Luisa dress looks beautiful, it makes us so happy to hear that you get lots of compliments. Gracias aria for sharing and your support! We appreciate you.