Day of the Dead Flowers
The 1st and 2nd of November are days dedicated to honoring those who passed away; a tradition that dates back to pre-Columbian times and is still practiced today. This ritual is accompanied by flowers, each of which carries a special meaning. These flowers end up being something very representative as they symbolize an offering that is placed on the altars, in clear honor of a family member or close person who has passed away. Despite the fact that this is a very old tradition, many families have been in charge of passing on these customs to their children, grandchildren and more. To better understand what types of flowers are used during Día de los Muertos venerations, let's review them now!
Interesting Fact: It is believed that the flowers are used to guide the deceased toward the offering made to them during Day of the Dead.
Cempasuchil flowers


Cempasúchil means flower with twenty petals and it’s a native plant to Mexico and Central America. It can reach up to a meter in height and its buttons reach five centimeters in diameter. According to legend, its yellow petals mark the path that the dead must walk during their visit to earth, as they are supposed to keep the heat of the sun and respond to its aroma.


flor de nube significado

Flor de Nube

With its pleasant aroma, it sets the mood for the soul's visit, so that when it leaves, it feels calm and content. Due to its color and size, this flower is used primarily on altars of deceased children. It’s a symbol of purity.


terciopelo flower


While it is not a native flower of Mexico, it is used to symbolize mourning. Despite its origins in Asia, its colors have adapted to Mexican soil over the years. Purification and antibacterial properties are provided by it.


Carnation Flower


In ancient Greece it was named Dianthus, a scientific name that it still retains. It means "the flowers of God". Worldwide, it's an ornamental flower of great economic importance. In addition to its beauty, it is popular for its durability and resistance to transport to different places. It belongs to a family that brings together about 250 species, so there are different sizes. The most popular carnations are 60 centimeters.


crisantemo flor



In Mexico, the chrysanthemum is mainly used as decoration, although there are varieties that are grown as a vegetable in Asia. Its name means "golden flower" because the first known varieties of this plant were of that color. It is popular in cemeteries on All Souls' Day because it blooms in the fall and has a wide variety of colors. Its purple color is the most used to honor the dead.


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