La Catrina Mexicana Story & Significance

History of the Mexican Catrinas

La Catrina is a traditional Mexican figure especially used on the Day of the Dead. This image emerged in 1912 thanks to José Guadalupe Posada, who illustrated some verses known as “calaveritas”. At that time, the catrina was known as "Calavera Garbancera". As a result, the tone was mockery and, in principle, intended to ridicule the lower social classes. The skull scoffed at maids who dressed like ladies of higher social classes. In addition, he laughed at those women who achieved high status and forgot their Mexican customs in favor of European fashions.

La Catrina has become one of the most popular Mexican icons. In fact, it is very common to dress up as Catrina on the Day of the Dead. For this reason, she has become a symbol of miscegenation and spirituality in the country. Especially in Aguascalientes, this image is very loved by Mexicans. The symbolism behind the Catrina is that of death, because, as José Guadalupe Posada already said: “Death is democratic, since in the end, blonde, brunette, rich or poor, all people end up being skulls”. 


Catrinas Mexicanas

La Catrina Styling Influence

The Catrina today is a source of creativity that allows us to let our imaginations run wild with different styles and designs. As a result, we can send a message of identity about each person or region who paints or uses it without losing the message Posada originally conveyed.

Did you know? Many skull designs appear surrounded by flowers, especially cempasúchil, a kind of yellow marigold known as the flower of the dead. In Aztec belief, marigold had spiritual properties because it was thought to help guide the souls of the deceased.


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  • Maria Castaneda on

    Love the information you have shared. I have created alters for my past loved ones for a few years and love to create my catrinas yearly….I embrace it with so much love ❤

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