Mexico Independence Day

The History

On September 16, 1810, Miguel Hidalgo called the town of Dolores to take up arms against the viceroyalty of New Spain. Every year, the entire country becomes the biggest celebration in the world to commemorate the anniversary of Mexico's Independence. Also, the official date on which the anniversary of the Independence of Mexico is commemorated is September 16th, however; "El Grito" of Independence is given on the night of the 15th, right before midnight. All of Mexico is colored in green, white, and red during this time. It’s a grand celebration that is illuminated by trumpets, noisemakers, and ornaments of all kinds. Between shouts of “¡Viva México!”, delicious dishes representative of the season, lots of drinks and Mexican music; all corners of the nation come together in mind and soul to celebrate the independence of our country.

Interesting Fact: In Mexico, the law stipulates that September 16th is a mandatory rest day, otherwise you will have to be paid double.
Fiestas Patrias

Fiestas Patrias

There would be no pachanga without tequila, pulque, mezcal, pozole, mole, tacos, and endless exquisite food. The long tables, the green, white and red decorations, the lights, fireworks, and the great events are all part of Mexico's September 16th celebrations. There is no state or community where there is not a party! Typical Mexican attires are never lacking, and the best part is that each state proudly wears its distinctive garments, all different, but all proudly Mexican. It is the brave and enduring who stay until the end, when the soft mariachi accompanies the drinks at dawn and the toast to Mexico's Independence among friends and family. Have you ever been a part of this celebration?

Traditional Mexican Dishes

The Traditional Mexican Dishes 

These dishes are the most typical during "Fiestas Patrias" a celebration commemorating Mexico's Independence throughout Mexico. Get to know 5 different Mexican dishes that you can't miss out during this time of year!

Chile en Nogada: This dish is originally from Puebla and consists of a poblano pepper stuffed with minced pork with dried fruit, bathed in a cream sauce. What makes it special is that it represents the colors of the national flag: green with the chili, white with the sauce, and red with the pomegranate seeds that are used to garnish.⁠

Sopes: Sopes are a thick corn tortilla on which beans are spread and other ingredients such as chicken, meat, pork rinds, lettuce, cheese, and more are added.⁠

Pampazos: The pambazo, that delicacy that is soaked in guajillo chili sauce and stuffed with potatoes with chorizo, also has good qualities.⁠

Mole Poblano: Mole is a sauce made with a wide variety of chilies, herbs, seeds, and spices and is usually served over turkey or chicken. (This dish is considered an important dish of Mexican cuisine)⁠

Pozole: One of the most representative dishes of September 15th is undoubtedly the pozole, which is a broth of pork or chicken and corn grains, in addition to the vegetables that usually accompany it. ⁠

Tell us what you think about this celebration! Would you love to visit Mexico during this time? Comment below!

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