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The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries in Michoacán are still receiving visitors who wish to witness this spectacle of nature. The lepidoptera will remain in Mexican lands until the end of March. These butterflies travel almost 5,000 km from the United States and Canada to the Michoacán forests and, after hibernating for two months, they prepare to start the return trip.
February and March are the best months to visit the Michoacán sanctuaries, since, as the temperature rises, the monarchs flutter in the lower parts of the forests and the spectacle is more impressive.
In February the first rays of sun, which herald the approaching arrival of spring, awaken the butterflies. Feeling the heat in their bodies, they begin to recover their vital functions. It is there, when they leave the clusters that they formed during the winter and begin to flutter, then the true magic of life begins.

Three Monarch butterfly sanctuaries you must visit!

Senguio Sanctuary: Located within Sierra Chincua Sanctuary, it is one of the least known. It takes approximately two hours to reach the monarch area by foot, horseback or van. 
The Sanctuary of El Rosario: Located a few kilometers from the Magical Town of Angangueo, also known as the largest sanctuary and the most visited in Michoacán!
Sierra Chincua Sanctuary: Located in the heart of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. This is the second most visited in the state.

After witnessing a show that only nature can give us, take advantage of the visit to any of these three places to carry out other types of activities, such as zip-lining, wall climbing or walking on suspension bridges.


 Sahuayo, Michoacán the Capital of the Mexican Huarache!

Sahuayo is a town adjacent to Jalisco, that generates 300 million pesos a year from the production of handmade footwear and has more than 400 workshops dedicated to this noble work, according to the Michoacán Artisan Institute (IAM). Although the exact date of when the Sahuayenses began making huarache is unknown, it is estimated that it has been for 80 years, and its knowledge was inherited from generation to generation. Approximately 70% of the production is sold internationally and 30% is sold domestically.



 Mexican Leather Huaraches

Each pair of our Mexican leather sandals are handcrafted by a family of shoemakers in Sahuayo, Michoacán that have used handwoven techniques for many generations.  These traditional Mexican leather huaraches are a classic addition to your outfit and are comfortable, chic and timeless. 
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