Our Artisan Partners

  • Doña Evelia - Oaxaca City, Mexico

    Doña Evelia is a wife, mother and grandmother who was taught the art of hand embroidery by her mother at a young age. She lives about an hour away from Oaxaca City and enjoys creating the beautiful blouses and dresses in her home. It gives her great pride that she is helping keep traditions alive.

  • Doña Rocio - Oaxaca, Mexico

    Doña Adriana loves to create one of a kind treasures and works in her family shop located in Oaxaca. She is teaching her daughter the backstrap loom techniques as she wishes to pass this tradition down to her children and grandchildren.

  • Henemias and Family - Chiapas, Mexico

    Henemias and his family have passed on the gift of hand embroidery and hand woven techniques through many generations. I have the unique honor of working alongside Henemias and his family by collaborating on the design aspects of his special craft.

  • Karen & Artisans - Mexico City, Mexico

    We are so excited to partner with Karen & Artisans. She is a young and aspiring artist that creates magical pieces using traditional Talavera produced in Puebla, Mexico. She has a keen eye for minimalist designs that enhance the vibrant colors of the Talavera.

  • The Hernandez Family - Hidalgo, Mexico

    I met the Hernandez family in Hidalgo, Mexico and was amazed and touched by the connection between this mother and daughter team of artisans. I love collaborating on the design process with them and we are always very excited to see the unique completed products.