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Origin Mexico is an ethics-oriented brand born in 2020 to promote and preserve Mexican artistry displayed through high quality handmade goods. The goods we offer are carefully sourced to ensure they are produced in alignment with our core values. Our brand is founded on strong personal and long-lasting relationships with artisans in Mexico, fair and ethical business practices and creating a transparent supply chain. Through fair trade and ethical business practices, we hope to create an economic opportunity for many Mexican artisans and their families all while allowing them to preserve the traditions of hand embroidery that have been passed down through many generations. On today's blog get to know all our artisan partners across Mexico! 

Get to know our Artisan Partners!  

artisans from oaxaca

Doña Alicia & Doña Rocio - Oaxaca

Doña Alicia is a wife and mother who has been an artist since she was very young. She lives in Oaxaca with her husband and two young children. She loves to paint in home while her children play in the small garden they have. 
Doña Rocio was taught the art of hand embroidery by her grandmother and now enjoys sharing these techniques with all of us. She lives with her mother and sister and loves to visit the coast of Oaxaca. 
These talented artisans are the creators of many items like our Vida Huipil, and Hand Painted Hats


 talavera from puebla

Karen & Artisans - Mexico City, Mexico
We are so excited to partner with Karen & Artisans. She is a young and aspiring artist that creates magical pieces using traditional Talavera produced in Puebla, Mexico. She has a keen eye for minimalist designs that enhance the vibrant colors of the Talavera. They create all of our beautiful Talavera inspired jewelry! This collection includes earrings and necklaces in the traditional blue as well as other colors like pink, yellow, green, lilac, red, and black. Shop our Talavera Collection here!


embroidered tops from Hidalgo, mexico

The Hernandez Family - Hidalgo, Mexico
I met the Hernandez family in Hidalgo, Mexico and was amazed and touched by the connection between this mother and daughter team of artisans. I love collaborating on the design process with them and we are always very excited to see the unique completed products. Filled with color, magic, and mesmerizing designs we are sure you will fall in love! Shop all the beautiful designs here.


leather sandals from Michoacan

Family of Shoemakers - Sahuayo, Michoacán

Handwoven in 100% genuine leather by a family of skilled artisans that work together as a team to bring you these versatile, functional and unique styles. Each pair of our leather sandals are handcrafted by a family of shoemakers in Sahuayo, Michoacan that have used handwoven techniques for many generations. These traditional Mexican leather huaraches are a classic addition to your outfit and are comfortable, chic and timeless. We are working on new styles for Spring 2023, join our email list to get exclusive updates. Join HERE.


artisans from chiapas

Henemias and Family - Chiapas, Mexico
Henemias and his family have passed on the gift of hand embroidery and hand-woven techniques through many generations. I have the unique honor of working alongside Henemias and his family by collaborating on the design aspects of his special craft. This beautifully hand embroidered Tunic blouse is lightweight and made of cotton gauze which gives the blouse a delicate and relaxed feel. Shop the look here!
Our direct partnerships with artisans eliminate the middleman and allow more resources to be made available to communities in need that may not benefit from many economic and educational resources. 

 Collectively, we will help preserve Mexico’s cultural heritage through the beauty of handmade goods.

Here is a map of our collaborations in Mexico. 


Have you visited any of these beautiful places in Mexico? Let us know in the comments. 

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