Travel Guide to Oaxaca, Mexico
Traditions in every street, beaches to contemplate the Pacific and hidden places between the mountains are only a small part of what Oaxaca offers to the world. A site of culture, gastronomy, markets, ruins and a dazzling landscape where you can experience, in an amazing way, the purest essence of Mexico. The cultural diversity of the ethnic groups that beat to the rhythm of the Guelaguetza in Oaxaca, whose concept transcends the great festival that is celebrated in July.  In the beautiful Oaxacan capital, you will live experiences that are unique in this world. Continue reading to fall in love with this magical destination!

Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán

Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán
Templo de Santo Domingo - Viator
The Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán was the most important center of evangelization in Oaxaca; historical witness of important events that marked the future of the State. Inside, it houses important works of art that are preserved as a cultural vestige of three centuries of the Viceroyalty in Oaxaca.
With its façade and its splendid interior ornamentation such as the Rosario Chapel, upholstered in gold; or its ceiling with medallions, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful samples of the baroque in Mexico.


Guelaguetza - Escapada H
The term Guelaguetza is derived from the Zapotec word guendalezaa which means "Offering, present or fulfillment". It's one of the most popular traditions in the state of Oaxaca. The Guelaguetza has its origin from pre-Hispanic times, it is worth mentioning that this festivity began with a ritual that was done to the ancient gods in the place called by the Zapotecs as Daninayaaloani or hill of beautiful view. At that time, the ancient Mexicas worshiped various deities, including the Goddess Centéotl, who represented the Goddess of Corn and whom they worshiped and respected in such a way that they held a celebration to celebrate her year after year, they offered dances, rites as well as a huge banquet that lasted eight days. Since then, this celebration was considered as something very special and significant for the locals. On both Monday's, July 17th and 24th 2023, the central show of the Guelaguetza will take place, known as the “Lunes del Cerro”. 
Luisa Navarro Oaxaca Trip
Luisa Navarro - Mexico in my Pocket
Interested in living the full experience? Join Luisa Navarro, owner of Mexico in my Pocket and travel with her to Oaxaca for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Her boutique is designed to be a submersive cultural experience. Luisa values each and every relationship she has developed with locals in Oaxaca, and she will be introducing you to many people in her community who she considers like family. Click here if interested and for more information.

Oaxaca's Gastronomy

Comida de Oaxaca
Oaxaca's Gastronomy- gustoxmexico
With a cuisine of pre-Hispanic roots, the gastronomy of Oaxaca is part of the charms that promise a visit full of pleasures to enjoy.

The wealth of Oaxacan cuisine invites you to try its exquisite menus such as the traditional 7 moles, Oaxaca-style chicken livers, beef jerky, mixteco pozole, cecina, cat broth, grasshoppers, tlayudas, chickpea broth, Oaxacan sausages, rice chepil, caldillo de vigilia, chiles stuffed with sardines, fish tamales from the Isthmus, water chiles stuffed with quesillo, pickled octopus, nopales broth, etc. , all dishes where their ingredients demonstrate their variety and adaptability for all palates. Have you ever tried any of these?

Our Artisan Partners in Oaxaca

Products from Oaxaca

Doña Alicia & Doña Rocio - Oaxaca

Doña Alicia is a wife and mother who has been an artist since she was very young. She lives in Oaxaca with her husband and two young children. She loves to paint in home while her children play in the small garden they have. 
Doña Rocio was taught the art of hand embroidery by her grandmother and now enjoys sharing these techniques with all of us. She lives with her mother and sister and loves to visit the coast of Oaxaca. 
These talented artisans are the creators of many items like our Vida Huipil, and Hand Painted Hats.  We are working on a new collection of Hand Painted Hats and these will be introduced next month!

Have you visited this magical place? Let us know of your travels to Oaxaca in the comment section below. 

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