The Mexican Huarache has been distinguished as a typical garment of the Mexican people. It dates back to pre-Hispanic times and their name comes from the Tarascan or Purépecha "kwarachi". It is important to note, however, that this type of sandal did not obtain its current form until colonial times, when pigs and cows arrived, and saddlery techniques developed. Initially, the leather huarache was a shoe associated with life in the countryside, with a very marked meaning that denoted the social position of the person who wore it. Thanks to different factors, it was popularized over time. Learn about this popular Mexican sandal and Sahuayo, where over 400 shoemakers dedicate themselves to the noble craft.
Huaraches Mexican Sandals
Sahuayo, a town adjacent to Jalisco, generates an economic income of 300 million pesos per year for the production of artisan footwear. According to the Michoacán Artisan Institute (IAM), there's around 400 workshops that are dedicated to this noble work. We had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful workshop where we were able to the see the entire process from lacing the leather, gluing each sole, and branding the shoes.  Stay tuned for many behind the scene videos on our Instagram! The main to key to manufacturing a pair of leather Mexican huaraches? Patience! It takes at least 2 days to finish off every detail. In Mexico, the image of the simple and modest huaraches on sale in the markets and strolling through its fields is one of the most popular. Today, we continue to see the figure of the "traditional huarache", a silhouette braided in different ways thanks to the imagination of artisans. The love for these Mexican Huaraches transcends to different parts of the world like Italy and to the famous runner María Lorena Ramirez, click here to read about it!

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Huaraches Mexican Sandals
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