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The name of "Talavera" came from the town of Talavera de la Reina, near Toledo, in Spain. Here, the art of ceramics was carried on until it was brought to New Spain during the Colony. The art of glazing and working with ceramics was unknown in the "New Continent" until, in the mid-16th century, Spanish pottery masters settled in Puebla to create with their hands and their imagination the most beautiful Talavera in all of Nueva España.

The Talavera from Puebla is a fine pottery that is world famous for its decoration with peculiar artistic designs. In 1550, craftsmen from the workshops of Talavera de la Reina, Seville, and Genoa settled in Puebla. There they shared their techniques and incorporated the handling of the clay that they knew to the indigenous peoples. This is how they sought to make richer pottery than those created in Europe. The result was an original product today known as Talavera from Puebla.

The Different Shades of Talavera

Mexican Pottery
Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández, Unspalsh

Colors such as cobalt blue, yellow, green, terracotta, black, and orange distinguish Mexican Talavera. A variety of flowers, animals, and figures are drawn with creativity and ingenuity. Nowadays, it's not only used for kitchenware and decorative tiles but also for traditional Mexican jewelry. In all shapes and sizes these beautiful Talavera designs are now displayed onto handmade accessories!

gold earrings from mexico

Our talented artisan partners created these intricate and delicate designs that are each uniquely made by hand. With a touch of Mexico City's artisan talent, we add a modern twist to the traditional and vibrant Talavera from Puebla. This jewelry collection comes in green, blue, pink, white, and now with pearls included! Introducing the newest design to our Talavera Collection we have our Valeria Hoop Earrings.

Pearl statement earrings

This design was made with lots of love, dedication, and pure talent. We are so proud of all our partner artisans that can transform an idea into reality, giving us this beautiful wearable art. Inspired by gold and pearl trends, we combined a traditional design with a more modern look. If you'd like to see our full Talavera Collection click here!

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