Frida's costumes and accessories reveal an entire intimate universe of the artist, rebel, and liberal who built herself in Mexico's and the world's history. Recognized by the art world and the feminist movement, Frida Kahlo was a work in itself. From her clothes to her accessories she marked her ideological convictions and thoughts.   Through her dressing style and her paintings, she was ahead of her time. Her paintings reflect her personality: "a woman who did not let her disabilities define her, she defined herself." Keep reading to learn all about her particular and unique style that to this day has identified Frida as a strong, independent, rebellious woman.Mexican artisan earrings stand out for many obvious reasons; however, we can mention the most important ones:  Elaboration by hand: Each Mexican artisan's piece is unique, because it is created one at a time, rather than in series. Therefore, no two pairs of earrings will be the same.  Colorful and unique: They are beautiful, cheerful and striking pieces, with color combinations that attract attention wherever you walk. You will never go unnoticed when wearing a pair of Mexican artisan earrings.  Cultural identity: There is nothing like wearing a piece rooted in Mexican culture to make you feel proud.

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