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The history of the guayabera

In Latin America and the Caribbean, it's common to see men wearing guayaberas. The guayabera is a traditional men's clothing item known for its four pockets and two rows of tucks. In Latin American and Caribbean culture, it has become one of the most iconic pieces of clothing because of its widespread use and distinctive design. Despite its far-reaching popularity, the circumstances of the guayabera's origin and stylistic development are not exactly known. Pieces of the history of this shirt can be found in various legends, archives, advertisements, historical photographs, articles and other sources of information from different centuries. Stay along to learn more about this incredible men's fashion piece!

 The Beginning

 History of the guayabera

Chopper Monster - La Guayabera

There are different theories about the geographical origin of the guayabera. Some people believe that it was in Cuba, while others believe that it could have been Spain, Mexico, or the Philippines. It all begins in the year 1709 when José “Joselillo” Pérez and his wife Encarnación Núñez, who was a seamstress, arrived in a small town in Cuba called Sacti Spíritus, and ended up settling near the Yayabe River, in that community.

In those days, Mrs. Encarnación receives a shipment of Spanish linen, for which Joselillo asks her to make a cool garment with which he can withstand the high temperatures. Mrs. Encarnación Núñez designed a shirt with front pockets that could be used for storing personal items, as well as allowing freedom of movement. This creation was originally called "Yayabera", for the place where it was sewn.

Eventually, the garment became popular among the peasants of the region, mainly because it had four front pockets, which made harvesting guavas much easier. Thus, the "Yayabera" changed its name to what we know today as "Guayabera".

The Guayabera Yucateca

 Guayaberas in Yucatan


Yucatan has maintained an exceptional relationship with Cuba for a long time, which is why at the end of the 19th century it established diplomatic ties with the island. Guayaberas were purchased by upper-class Yucatecans and worn as decorations at noble events in that country. According to Sefotur data, local businessmen realized the demand for guayaberas was too high in Yucatan, so they decided to manufacture the garment themselves. This is how this singular shirt migrated to the southeastern territory of Mexico. In both Yucatan and Veracruz, the guayabera has become a traditional garment as it has become more popular.

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