The Legend of El Callejon del Beso
Guanajuato is like a city straight out of a fairy tale. In its Historic Center, it seems that time does not pass, and its colorful facades and narrow alleys remind us of the most charming European towns. But there is another reason why tourists from all over the world visit it every year: its magical legends. The legend that we will tell you about today, takes place in a 68 cm wide alley in the downtown area of the city of Guanajuato and is considered one of the most traditional. Keep reading to find out!

What happened according to legend?

Callejón del Beso Legend
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Carmen was the only daughter of an authoritarian and violent man. She was courted by Luis, a poor miner from a nearby town. Upon discovering her affair, Carmen's father locked her up and threatened to send her to a convent. He wanted her to marry an old nobleman in Spain in order to become even richer. After crying for several nights, Carmen asked Brígida, her lady-in-waiting, to bring Luis a letter with the bad news. Faced with that fact, he decided to move to the house that was right in front of his beloved's. This house had a balcony that overlooked an alley so narrow that he could touch the wall opposite with his hand.
One day the lovers were talking from balcony to balcony, when they heard two people discussing. It was her father and Brígida, who was trying to prevent the master from entering her daughter's bedroom. Finally, the father was able to walk in, and upon witnessing the scene, he angrily stuck a dagger into her chest. Luis, stayed with Carmen for hours, even when she lay dead, according to legend.

In the city, the romantic and tragic legend has become a tradition. The famous alley (Callejón del Beso) is now a popular tourist destination where tourists seal their own fate by kissing on the third step. Would you do it?

Beso en el Callejón del Beso

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