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This month we are proud to feature Christina Collazo, Founder & Executive Director at Todos Juntos Learning Center

Christina Collazo is a remarkable leader in the non-profit sector, with a passion for making a positive impact in her community. As the founder and Executive Director of Todos Juntos Learning Center, she has dedicated her career to helping families through education, empowerment and community support. With her tireless dedication and unwavering commitment, Christina has become one of the most inspirational women we admire. In this blog post, we will delve into Christina's journey, her incredible achievements, and the valuable lessons we can learn from her leadership. Get ready to be inspired by the extraordinary work of this remarkable woman!


Christina Collazo - todos Juntos

Christina Collazo’s experience growing up in poverty in the Rio Grande Valley has given her an appreciation of the importance of strong education and support systems for women and children. Christina holds a BA in International Relations with a focus in Latin American Studies from St. Edward’s University, where she was a McNair Research Scholar. She holds a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Austin Community College, and serves on advisory committees at Armstrong Community Music School, I Live Here, I Give Here, and Earl Maxwell Scholars Program.

Christina founded Todos Juntos Learning Center (TJ) in 2009 and has worked together with her team to establish an innovative and collaborative Dual-Generation Family Learning Center focused on community, education, and trust. At TJ, Christina and her team have conceptualized, co-designed, and brought to practice numerous cutting-edge programs and services, impacting the health, financial, and educational trajectory of parenting immigrant and refugee families facing complex barriers to wellbeing related to language, legal documentation, employment barriers, and more.

Where do you turn for inspiration?

I draw inspiration from my children, my team, and the families we serve. My children remind me to remain open to new adventures, to relish in curiosity, and they’re the best part of me. I am so proud to be their mom. And my team and families - wow! What can I say?! I am truly proud of our team, who I admire for being amazing humans and for their authentic commitment to the work we do. They always rise to the occasion and meet our mission and families with care and compassion. And of course our families - their resiliency, bravery, and dedication to their families, learning a new language, integrating into our community, and advocating for their children is simply remarkable.  

What goals are you pursuing right now? 

I am a work in progress. I am in my early forties and find myself reflecting a lot on what I’ve done, who I’ve been, and who I want to be. I am actively working on finding a balance between my personal and professional responsibilities and obligations. This is tricky for me. As the oldest daughter, who grew up with a lot of adversity, I am a natural “fixer” and “caretaker” who often overextends myself. I am actively working to be better about this and trying to get comfortable with the discomfort of saying no and setting boundaries. TIme is precious, so my goal is to find a balance and also prioritize my own wellbeing in the process. 

What is your favorite quote?

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Christina Collazo - family picture

To learn more about Christina and Todos Juntos Learning Center, please visit: https://todosjuntoslc.org/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/chhristinacollazo/

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  • Catherine Young on

    I was born in the Rio Grande Valley in Mercedes. My grandparents had a plant nursery in the valley for 70 or 80 years, Link Floral company. I live in Austin now, also! You sound like a remarkable woman! Thank you for being a force for women and children☮️♥️

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