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If you're reading this, chances are you've dreamed of traveling to Yucatan at least once, or maybe you're planning a trip there now. For a few years now, the Ciudad Blanca has become one of the destinations that arouses the most interest in national and international travelers. In it you will find very interesting places in every way, both culturally, gastronomically and socially. The reality is that the area has thousands of attractions that you can visit, so here it really all depends on how much time you have available and your tastes. On today's blog, we offer travel suggestions based on a short weekend getaway where you can enjoy the region's beauty and culture in all of its glory. Also, we provided some tips on what to wear to feel comfortable in the humid climate. Are you ready? ¡Vámonos!
First stop: Visiting the Historic Center of Mérida
Centro historico merida
Unspalsh, Alvaro Rosado
The Historic Center of Mérida shelters in each monument and building, the legacy of its Mayan and colonial past. The Independence Square of the Historic Center of Mérida, Yucatán is the best starting point to start your trip. At the beginning it was called Plaza Grande, later Plaza Mayor and in 1812 it was assigned the name it maintains to this day. Here you can try the delicious Yucatecan marquesitas, while enjoying the folkloric performance. 
Second stop: Puerto Progreso
puerto progreso yucatan
Unsplash,  Laurentiu Morariu
Now we will dedicate a day of your visit to a beach, a main destination that many tourists want to enjoy. If we talk about the beach, the best known is Progreso, which is located just 30 minutes from Mérida and can be reached by public transportation. On this beach you can spend the whole day and enjoy various services and restaurants on the boardwalk. You can also use lounge chairs, showers and an excellent meal that many restaurants offer.
Last stop: Visiting its restaurants and cafes
Rosas y xocolate
Trip Advisor, Rosas y Xocolate Boutique Hotel
Mérida, is famous for being a city full of life and color, as well as offering a unique and delicious gastronomic proposal. Here we present 3 different places we recommend you visit during your stay:

Rosas y Xocolate

The Rosas y Xocolate boutique hotel restaurant, a beautiful accommodation located on Paseo Montejo that stands out for being pink, offers a gastronomic proposal that anyone will fall in love with. Style and flavor are two words that perfectly describe this place that offers author's cuisine in wonderful facilities.


This restaurant offers a culinary proposal with a mixture of local ingredients and cutting-edge cuisine that result in a unique experience. Within its menu, Mexican dishes stand out with the hallmark of Yucatecan gastronomy, from ceviches, tamales, the famous and rich cochinita pibil, to sweet options such as pumpkin jam and flan.


This contemporary Mexican cuisine restaurant has the objective of rescuing the various nuances of Mexican flavors, textures and aromas, through their reinterpretation. The Arnaud brothers, owners and chefs of this space, brought to Mérida a touch of their native Oaxaca, with a fusion of Mexican ingredients and recipes; Oaxacan and Yucatecan, resulting in a unique and very interesting proposal.

Of course there's so many restaurants we'd love to highlight but these are some of our favorites! Which one would you visit?

Guayaberas - How to style a men's guayabera shirt?

 Mexican shirt for men

Men's Guayabera - Long Sleeve

Guayabera shirts are the perfect combination of style and comfort, especially when the temperatures exceed 90 degrees, since they keep us cool at all times. Because it's made from cool fabrics like linen and cotton, it's a great bet for hot, tropical climates, including the Texas heat! It's a must have, if you want to dress formally during the heat. Father's Day is just around the corner, why not give dad this staple piece? Shop our Men's Collection here!

If you're thinking of buying one but not so sure how to use it, here are some points to consider for its correct use:

1. It shouldn't fit ultra tight. The cut of the guayabera favors a certain space between the body and the shirt, making it a comfortable and fresh garment.

2. It is not used with a jacket or tie. It covers the requirements the embroidered details on the shirt. You do not need anything on top!

3. You don't tuck in this shirt! It usually has details on the bottom peaks of the garment.

Interested in learning more about the origin and history? Click here to read The History of La Guayabera.

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