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On March 19th, we celebrate the work of 12 million Mexican art masters who make a living from their fantastic and one-of-a-kind creations. The artisans are the main promoters of cultural art and help keep alive traditions that have been in their families for many generations. In their works, they capture the values, stories, and traditions that are inherited and leave an invaluable heritage through the generations. In addition to being the day of the artesano, the entire month of March is considered a tribute to women and men of the artisan community who provide for their homes and work towards improving their family's quality of life through the beauty of handcrafted creations. Follow along to commemorate with us the talent from all the artisans across Mexico. 

The day of the Artisan is celebrated throughout Mexico!

celebrating artisans in mexico

From groups of weavers from Baja California to the embroiderers from Yucatan, passing through the potters from Puebla and the wood carvers from Oaxaca; the artisans are a pride for all. Huichol art, Barro Negro, Talavera from Puebla, silverware, rebozos, are examples of Mexican art that conquers everyone's heart. It is gratifying to know that little by little the communities and families dedicated to creating and producing Mexican art are increasingly having a greater presence in the tourism sector. The artisan women and men have also been recognized through their work to preserve the cultural identity of their communities and towns. 

How can we help? 

When you travel to Mexico, bring back a handmade souvenir with you and honor the prices of the handcrafted items you intend to purchase. You can also buy directly from the artisans and if possible, visit their workshops to learn more about their techniques. We are proud to partner with a non-profit in Oaxaca that supports the dreams of many artisan women, and a percentage of our sales is donated to this amazing organization. To learn more and support this wonderful cause, please visit Fundacion enVia.

Mexican artists dedicate themselves to capturing their creativity and traditions as well as capturing the spirit of Mexico.


Gracias to all our partner artisans

Our brand is founded on strong personal and long-lasting relationships with artisans in Mexico, fair and ethical business practices and creating a transparent supply chain. Through fair trade and ethical business practices, we hope to create an economic opportunity for many Mexican artisans and their families all while allowing them to preserve the traditions of hand embroidery that have been passed down through many generations.  Our direct partnerships with artisans eliminate the middleman and allow more resources to be made available to communities in need that may not benefit from many economic and educational resources. 

Take a look at our Map of Artisans Across Mexico:

artisan map

Want to get to know each artisan partner? Click here to read Artisan Partners Across Mexico Blog.

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